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  • My Merry Music Book

    My Merry Music Book by Lorraine Muter Humber 


    Tutor 59 pp. This Music Theory Tutor is beautifully presented and is geared towards the younger student.

    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: basic music theory.
    Grade: 1
    Composer Dates: Contemporary

    $ 12.50
  • Principles of the Flute, Recorder and Oboe

    Principles of the Flute, Recorder and Oboe by Jacques-Martin Hotteterre 


    Soft Covered Book 73 pp. Contents: Translator's Introduction A Select Bibliography Principles of the Flute, Recorder and Oboe Original Title Page with Translation Treatise on the Recorder 1; Chapter 1. The Posture of the Body... Chapter 2. The Embouchure Chapter 3. First Explanation of Plate 1... Chapter 4. First Explanation of Plate...

    Arranger: Paul Marshall Douglas ed
    Catalogue Type: Early Music Recorder
    Setting: Books Tutors
    Grade: 6-7
    Composer Dates: 15/07/2005

    $ 20.00
  • Essercizi per il Flauto Dolce

    Essercizi per il Flauto Dolce by Ernst Michael Kolz 


    Score 15 pp. ORB 2015 Set Work. 26 Short Studies. "Being Exercises for Ye Recorder Design'd to delight Ye Amateurs of the Gentle Art of Ye Flute". 1. Allegro (Prelude) 2. Allegro assai (La caccia) 3. Vivace 4. Allegro moderato 5. Allegro moderato (Courante) 6. Allegro assai 7. Vivace 8. Preto 9. Allegretto 10. Allegro 11....

    Edition: Modern
    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Composer Dates: 20th Century
    Grade: 4-5 5-6
    Instrumentation: Solo Treble Recorder

    $ 31.95
  • test recorder box tutor Violin by test01 Violin 

    test 01 Violin

    test recorder box tutor Violin

    Catalogue Type: Violin
    Instrumentation: garbage data

    $ 1.00
  • test recorder box tutor String OMSS by test01 String OMSS 

    test 01 String OMSS

    test recorder box tutor String OMSS

    Catalogue Type: String OMSS
    Instrumentation: garbage data

    $ 1.00
  • test recorder box tutor Early Music by test01 Early Music 

    test 01 Early Music

    test recorder box tutor Early Music

    Catalogue Type: Early Music
    Instrumentation: garbage data

    $ 1.00
  • test recorder box tutor by test01 Guitar 

    test 01 Guitar

    test recorder box tutor

    Catalogue Type: Guitar
    Instrumentation: garbage data

    $ 1.00
  • test recorder box tutor by test01 

    test 01

    test recorder box tutor

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Instrumentation: garbage data

    $ 1.00
  • Schott Fingering Chart Recorder

    Schott Fingering Chart Recorder by Schott 


    Laminated A3 card, four fold. Comprehensive Fingering & Trill Chart. Includes up to five alternate fingerings for many notes and trills. In German only.

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Instrumentation: Descant, Treble, Bass
    Setting: Tutors
    Edition: Modern

    $ 16.50
  • Method for Recorder (Vol 1 alto)

    Method for Recorder (Vol 1 alto) by Mario Duschenes 


    Part 47 pp. Treble Method. Includes introduction, fingering chart, trill fingering chart, 228 short pieces & exercises and 10 easy duets.

    Edition: Modern
    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Instrumentation: treble, sopranino or bass recorders
    Setting: Tutors
    Grade: 1-2 3-4
    Composer Dates: Contemporary

    $ 34.00

Orpheus Music Publications

Contemporary recorder and string music

Orpheus Music publishes contemporary recorder music featuring such composers as Diana Blom, Nigel Butterley, Zana Clarke, Justo Diaz, Lance Eccles, Ross Edwards, Malcolm Tattersall and Benjamin Thorn.

We represent over 70 composers, including many young composers, with more than 260 works that provide a wide range of styles and genres for one to ten recorder players. We also have a useful Recorder Composing Guide and Glossary of Unusual Recorder Techniques for those interested in writing for the recorder.

Orpheus Music Publications are also available from our distributors in Germany, UK, and USA.

Orpheus Music

String Series

Orpheus Music String Series has now been launched. Put OMSS into the search box to view this series. For more information.

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Allspice music

Music from around the world and across the ages

Allspice Music retails sheet music from a carefully selected group of publishers. It provides the full range of music from around the world and across the ages.

Allspice offers everything you ever wanted and pieces you never even knew existed, including: solo, ensemble, chamber, renaissance, baroque, classical, contemporary, and more.