Duets 376 products Grade: 5-8


  • Three Suites for Two Flutes

    Three Suites for Two Flutes by Pierre Danican-Philidor 


    Score 20 pp. Three Baroque Suites. Premiere Suitte 1. Tres lentement 2. Rigaudon en Rondeau 3. Courante en Contrefaiseur 4. Fugue Deuxieme Suitte 1. Fugue 2. Air en Rondeau 3. Premier Couplet 4. 2e Couplet 5. Sarabande 6. Fugue Troisieme Suitte 1. Lentement 2. Fugue 3. Rondeau 4. 1r couplet 5. 2e Couplet 6. 3e...

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: 2 Tenors
    Setting: Duets
    Grade: 6
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 20.00
  • Whale Songs

    Whale Songs by Donald Bousted 


    Score 12 pp. Contemporary Piece. Wonderfully ethereal and atmospheric piece using, voice microtones and multiphonics and some tricky rhythms.

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: 2 Renaissance
    Setting: Duets
    Grade: 8
    Composer Dates: Contemporary

    $ 24.20
  • Pendeln

    Pendeln by Lothar Lammer 


    Score 5 pp. Contemporary Piece. Features complex rhythms and some chromaticism. Includes performance notes and composer biography. 1. Pendeln

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Instrumentation: 2 x Tenor Recorders
    Setting: Duets
    Grade: 7
    Composer Dates: 28/09/2012
    Edition: Modern

    $ 19.95
  • Little Suite

    Little Suite by Jayson Mackie 


    Score 5 pp. Contemporary Suite comprising three movments. 1. Resolute 2. Molto moderato 3. Andante mesto

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Treble & Tenor Recorders (also suitable for 2 x Flutes)
    Setting: Duets
    Grade: 5
    Composer Dates: 28/07/2012

    $ 12.95
  • Shadow Play

    Shadow Play by Roy Sansom 


    2 x Score 3 pp. Contemporary Composition. Challenging ledger line reading with a leaning towards flats rather than sharps. Imaginative, imitative bi-phonic play! 1. Shadow Play

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: 2 Treble Recorders (or flute)
    Setting: Duets
    Grade: 6
    Composer Dates: 28/07/2012

    $ 16.00
  • Two Canons for Basses

    Two Canons for Basses by W.A./Domenico Mozart/Gabrieli 


    2 x Score 4 pp. Two Canons. 1. WA Mozart, "Canon on the Death of a Nightingale" (3 x Basses) 2. Domenico Gabrieli, "Canon a due Bassi" (2 x Basses)

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: 2-3 Bass Recorders
    Setting: Duets Trios
    Grade: 5
    Composer Dates: 12/05/2008

    $ 13.95
  • Menuett und Badinerie from Orchestral Suite No. 2 BWV 1067

    Menuett und Badinerie from Orchestral Suite No. 2 BWV 1067 by Johann Sebastian Bach 


    2 x Score 3 pp. Parts 1 pp. Two Famous Movements arranged for recorder duo from Bach's Orchestral Suite in B Minor. Transposed into D Minor for this arrangement. 1. Menuett 2. Badinerie

    Edition: Modern
    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Arranger: Adrian Whelte
    Composer Dates: 23/09/2008
    Grade: 4-5
    Setting: Duets
    Instrumentation: Treble & Tenor or Treble and Voiceflute

    $ 11.95
  • Baroque Dance from Contrapuntal Dialogues

    Baroque Dance from Contrapuntal Dialogues by Robin Bradley 


    Comb Bound Score 4 pp. Contemporary Australian Composition. 1. Baroque Dance

    Composer Dates: 2/10/2011
    Grade: 5-6
    Setting: Duets
    Instrumentation: 2 Trebles
    Edition: Modern
    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Arranger: Louise Hunter-Bradley

    $ 18.00
  • Cantata 'When Love's Soft Passion'

    Cantata 'When Love's Soft Passion' by Johann Christoph Pepusch 


    Score 12 pp. Parts 4-6 pp. Baroque Cantata, "When Love's Soft Passion". Includes foreword in German and English. 1. Recitativo 2. Aria 3. Recitativo 4. Aria

    Catalogue Type: Recorder Early Music
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Soprano Voice, Treble and Basso Continuo
    Setting: Voice Duets with Accompaniment Recorder with other instruments Trio Sonatas (2 instrs+b.c.)
    Grade: 6
    Composer Dates: 8/01/2007

    $ 29.95
  • RazzJazz for Two Trebles

    RazzJazz for Two Trebles by Marg Hall 


    Score 10 pp. Five Jazzy Duets 1. Swingin' Cuckoo 2. Weasel Waltz 3. Easy Does it 4. Wolf Walk 5. Homeward Bound

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: 2 Trebles
    Setting: Duets
    Grade: 4-5
    Composer Dates: 9/04/2008

    $ 17.00

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