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Early Music
Music from the Baroque and earlier

  • The Solo Recorder Book Volume 1

    The Solo Recorder Book Volume 1 by Various Composers 


    Wirebound part 109 pp. This volume includes most of the Major Baroque music for an unaccompanied flute that is played by recorder players today.

    Edition: Modern
    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Arranger: Andrew Robinson
    Composer Dates: Baroque
    Grade: 6-7
    Setting: Solo
    Instrumentation: Solo Treble Recorder

    $ 45.00
  • The Silver Swan & The Sweet White Swan by Orlando Gibbons & Jacques Arcadelt 


    Score 4 pp. Parts 2 pp. Two Swans which are arrangements of early music for recorder quartet and quintet. 

    Composer Dates: Renaissance
    Grade: 3
    Instrumentation: descant, treble (2), tenor & bass recorders
    Edition: Modern
    Catalogue Type: Recorder

    $ 16.00
  • Les Cantates

    Les Cantates by Johann Sebastian Bach 


    Part 99 pp. Recorder Parts to Bach's Cantatas. This publication features melody lines and duet/trio parts from Bach's Cantatas.  

    Arranger: Michel Sanvoisin
    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: 1 -3 Treble Recorders
    Setting: Solo
    Grade: 7
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 130.00
  • Antique Chorbuch Teill 2 Weltliche Chorwerke Deutscher Meister Heft 1 by Various Composers 


    Score 64 pp. 43 Renaissance Vocal Works. 

    Catalogue Type: Early Music
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: SATB Voices
    Setting: Voice
    Composer Dates: Renaissance

    $ 25.00
  • Der Fluyten Lust-Hof Volume 2

    Der Fluyten Lust-Hof Volume 2 by Jacob van Eyck 


    Part 64 pp. Collection of Approximately 40 Works for Solo Recorder, mostly solos and includes a few duets.

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Descant Recorder
    Setting: Solo
    Grade: 5-6
    Composer Dates: Renaissance
    Arranger: Winfried Michel and Hermien Teske

    $ 51.95
  • Basset-Recorder, birch plywood

    Basset-Recorder, birch plywood by Paetzold by Kunath 


    Birch Plywood. The range of Paetzold recorders is the same as that for standard baroque recorders - more than two octaves (A-442) with five sizes now available.

    $ 2,070.00
  • Principles of the Flute, Recorder and Oboe

    Principles of the Flute, Recorder and Oboe by Jacques-Martin Hotteterre 


    Soft Covered Book 73 pp. Contents: Translator's Introduction A Select Bibliography Principles of the Flute, Recorder and Oboe Original Title Page with Translation Treatise on the Recorder 1; Chapter 1. The Posture of the Body... Chapter 2. The Embouchure Chapter 3. First Explanation of Plate 1... Chapter 4. First Explanation of Plate...

    Arranger: Paul Marshall Douglas ed
    Catalogue Type: Early Music Recorder
    Setting: Books Tutors
    Grade: 6-7
    Composer Dates: 15/07/2005

    $ 20.00
  • Sonata a 3

    Sonata a 3 by Francesco Cavalli 


    Score 9 pp. Parts 3-4 pp. Baroque Sonata for three viols and basso continuo.

    Arranger: Gordon J Callon
    Catalogue Type: Early Music
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: 2 x treble viols, bass viol & basso continuo
    Grade: 4
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 37.00
  • Fugen a 3

    Fugen a 3 by Johann Joseph Fux 


    Score 6 pp. Six Fugues. 1. d minor 2. e minor 3. C Major 4. G Major 5. d minor 6. C Major

    Arranger: Adrian Wehlte
    Catalogue Type: Recorder Early Music
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Descant, Treble & Tenor Recorders
    Setting: Trios
    Grade: 4-5
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 20.00
  • Three Pieces

    Three Pieces by Vicenzo Ruffo 


    Score 7 pp. Parts 4 pp. Three Renaissance Pieces. Includes editorial notes. Parts for the Martin minoit at original pitch and also transposed a tone higher for benefit of recorder players. 1. La Brava 2. Martin minoit son portiau au marche 3. La Sol Fa Re Mi

    Catalogue Type: Recorder Early Music
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Descant, Treble & Tenor Recorders
    Setting: Trios
    Grade: 6
    Composer Dates: Renaissance

    $ 15.00

Orpheus Music Publications

Contemporary recorder and string music

Orpheus Music publishes contemporary recorder music featuring such composers as Diana Blom, Nigel Butterley, Zana Clarke, Justo Diaz, Lance Eccles, Ross Edwards, Malcolm Tattersall and Benjamin Thorn.

We represent over 70 composers, including many young composers, with more than 260 works that provide a wide range of styles and genres for one to ten recorder players. We also have a useful Recorder Composing Guide and Glossary of Unusual Recorder Techniques for those interested in writing for the recorder.

Orpheus Music Publications are also available from our distributors in Germany, UK, and USA.

Orpheus Music

String Series

Orpheus Music String Series has now been launched. Put OMSS into the search box to view this series. For more information.

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