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  • Sonata in C major, RV48

    Sonata in C Major, RV48 by Antonio Vivaldi 


    Score 10 pp. Parts 4 pp. Traditional Baroque Sonata.  

    Catalogue Type: Early Music Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Flute, Violin or Treble Recorder and Basso Continuo
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Composer Dates: Baroque
    Grade: 6

    $ 17.50
  • Two Motets

    Two Motets by Francesca Caccini 


    Score 11 pp. Parts 4 pp. Two Renaissance Motets arranged for tenor recorder and continuo.  

    Catalogue Type: Early Music Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Tenor Recorder and Basso Continuo
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Grade: 5-6
    Composer Dates: Renaissance

    $ 15.00
  • 3 Sonatas Op. 3 No. 1, 2, 5

    3 Sonatas Op. 3 No. 1, 2, 5 by Robert Valentine 


    Score 19 pp. Parts 7 pp. Three Baroque Sonatas for Treble Recorder and Basso Continuo.

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Treble Recorder and Basso Continuo
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Grade: 4
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 39.00
  • Suite in a minor for Harpsichord

    Suite in a minor for Harpsichord by John Baptist Loeillet 


    Score 14 pp. Traditional Baroque Suite for Harpshichord.

    Arranger: Andrew Lawrence Woolley
    Catalogue Type: Early Music
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Harpshichord
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 16.18
  • Six Sonatas and a Chaconne

    Six Sonatas and a Chaconne by Robert Valentine 


    Score 35 pp. Parts 11-19 pp. Six Traditional Baroque Sonatas.  

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Instrumentation: 2 x Treble Recorders and Continuo
    Setting: Duets with Accompaniment
    Grade: 6
    Composer Dates: Baroque
    Edition: Modern

    $ 35.00
  • Sonatas 3 of the English Baroque

    Sonatas 3 of the English Baroque by Turner/Topham/Valentine 


    Score 27 pp. Parts 8 pp. Three Baroque Sonatas.  

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Treble and Continuo
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Grade: 6
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 50.00
  • 12 Sonatas for Recorder (or Flute) and Basso Continuo

    12 Sonatas for Recorder (or Flute) and Basso Continuo by Robert Valentine 


    Score 54 pp. Parts 24 pp. 12 Traditional Baroque Sonatas.

    Arranger: Laszlo Kalmar
    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Treble Recorder, Cello and Klavier
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Grade: 4-5
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 23.00
  • Sonata in G major Op. 1 No. 5 HWV363b

    Sonata in G major Op. 1 No. 5 HWV363b by Georg Friederich Handel 


    Score 11 pp. Part 4 pp. Baroque Sonata.

    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Descant/Tenor and Keyboard
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Composer Dates: Baroque
    Grade: 4-5

    $ 25.50
  • Sonatella for Harpsichord or Virginals by Colin Hand 


    Score 5 pp. Flowing Contemporary Movement written for keyboard. 

    Composer Dates: Contemporary
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Keyboard - Harpsichord or Virginals
    Grade: 5-6

    $ 14.00
  • Louis Couperin and Friends

    Louis Couperin and Friends by CD 


    Louis Couperin and Friends Rosalind Halton - Harpsichord "I can only say that one need hear no other player, for the beautiful airs and harmonies mixed together..."

    On sale!
    $ 20.00

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Orpheus Music publishes contemporary recorder music featuring such composers as Diana Blom, Nigel Butterley, Zana Clarke, Justo Diaz, Lance Eccles, Ross Edwards, Malcolm Tattersall and Benjamin Thorn.

We represent over 70 composers, including many young composers, with more than 260 works that provide a wide range of styles and genres for one to ten recorder players. We also have a useful Recorder Composing Guide and Glossary of Unusual Recorder Techniques for those interested in writing for the recorder.

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