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  • Konzert, Accom missing  by Johann Sebastian Bach 


    SECONDHAND MUSIC Moseler Verlag Wolfenbuttel Ne. 32 Accom missing


    Instrumentation: 2 Tr, Piano, String Orchestra
    Composer Dates: Baroque
    Edition: Modern

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  • Studies Op. 5  by Stephen Heller 


    SECONDHAND MUSIC Imperial Edition No. 189


    Instrumentation: Piano
    Setting: Early Keyboard
    Composer Dates: 19/02/2007

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    $ 5.00
  • Kanto  by Suzanne Palmer-Holton 


    Score 2 pp. Part 2 pp. Contemporary Piece for either descant and piano or descant duet and piano.


    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Instrumentation: 1-2 x descant recordersand piano
    Setting: with Accompaniment Duets
    Grade: 2
    Composer Dates: Contemporary
    Edition: Modern

    $ 6.00
  • 31 Bach Chorales for Sight-Singing and Performance  by Johann Sebastian Bach 


    Score 87 pp. Collection of 31 Chorales for sight singing and preformance. Set work for OMCC 2010. Includes introductory notes, original German text with an English translation and foreword notes for each Chorale. 1. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God 2. Ah! Dearest Jesus, Holy Child 3. Alas, Dear Lord 4. All Darkness Flies Before Thy Face 5....


    Arranger: John Leavitt
    Catalogue Type: Early Music
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass Recorders Voices with Piano accompaniment
    Setting: Voice with Accompaniment Quartets
    Grade: 6
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 9.95
  • Sonata in F Major  by Georg Friedrich Handel 


    Sonata in F Major


    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Instrumentation: treble recorder & continuo
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Grade: 4-5
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 10.95
  • Solo in G

    Solo in G  by Andrew Parcham 


    Score 7 pp. Parts 3 pp. Baroque Composition. Includes brief notes by the editor. 


    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Treble Recorder and Basso Continuo
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Grade: 5
    Composer Dates: Baroque
    Arranger: Bernard Thomas

    $ 11.00
  • Minuet with Variations

    Minuet with Variations  by Michel Blavet 


    Score 5 pp. Parts 2 pp. Baroque Movement with several variations. Includes introductory notes.


    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Descant Recorder and Continuo
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Grade: 5
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 11.00
  • 12 Sonate per Violino e Basso Continuo, Volume II

    12 Sonate per Violino e Basso Continuo, Volume II  by Antonio Vivaldo 


    Score 39 pp. Part 19 pp. Six Traditional Baroque Sonatas. Volume includes realised keyboard without separate cello part. Sonata in e minor RV 16 1. Preludio 2. Capriccio 3. Giga 4. Gavotta Sonata in G Major RV 23 1. Preludio 2. Giga 3. Corrente Sonata in g minor RV 26 1. Adagio 2. Allegro 3. Adagio 4. Allegro 5. Giga...


    Arranger: Oliver Nangy, Janos Pallagi
    Catalogue Type: Violin
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Violin & Basso Continuo
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Grade: 6-7
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 11.95
  • Allemanda with Variations after RV19

    Allemanda with Variations after RV19  by Antonio Vivaldi 


    Score 7 pp. Part 2 pp. Baroque Theme and Variations. Includes commentary.


    Arranger: Larry Bernstein
    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Edition: Modern
    Instrumentation: Descant Recorder and Continuo
    Setting: with Accompaniment
    Grade: 7
    Composer Dates: Baroque

    $ 12.00
  • Sonata no 8 in G major

    Sonata no 8 in G Major  by Robert Valentine 


    Score 2 pp. Part 2 pp. Traditional Baroque Sonata. 1. Grave 2. Allegro 3. Adagio 4. Allegro AMEB Grade 4 Descant and Treble List B


    Catalogue Type: Recorder
    Instrumentation: Descant Recorder and Continuo
    Setting: with Accompaniment Examinations
    Grade: 5-6
    Composer Dates: Baroque
    Edition: Modern

    $ 12.50

Orpheus Music Publications

Contemporary recorder and string music

Orpheus Music publishes contemporary recorder music featuring such composers as Diana Blom, Nigel Butterley, Zana Clarke, Justo Diaz, Lance Eccles, Ross Edwards, Malcolm Tattersall and Benjamin Thorn.

We represent over 70 composers, including many young composers, with more than 260 works that provide a wide range of styles and genres for one to ten recorder players. We also have a useful Recorder Composing Guide and Glossary of Unusual Recorder Techniques for those interested in writing for the recorder.

Orpheus Music Publications are also available from our distributors in Germany, UK, and USA.

Orpheus Music

String Series

Orpheus Music String Series has now been launched. Put OMSS into the search box to view this series. For more information.

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